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Sandrine Mussy is a Franco-Canadian architect living in Brussels, who has always been passionate about a sober, strong and dynamic design.

Her work indicates a special interest for raw material and the industrial environment which are an integral part of her artistic expression and professional world.

She graduated with an architecture diploma from « Ecole des beaux Arts» in Paris.

After being the lead architect for the largest french photo development retail chain, she founded her home restyling and furniture design agency - AD Design - in  Montreal (Canada).

As her new challenge, she created - AD2 - in Abu Dhabi, focused on interior design, in partnership with a lebanese interior designer.

During her professional carrier, she always kept her passion for photography by creating and selling books of private and luxury interiors.

In Florence, she got her diploma from APAB School of Photography, where she worked with Roberto Malfagia, Marco Crivellin, Alessandro Botticelli...

Arriving in Houston, she changes her focus to Argentic photography, using a Leica M6 and a Rolleiflex, while taking classes at the Glassell School of Art with Amy Blakemore.

Now living in Brussels, she focused on her independent photography.

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